Creative And Smart Uses For Old Mobile Phones

If you are planning to sell broken mobile phone, then hold on for a second. Do not take this decision and utilize your old or broken phone by trying out these smart ways. This guide will tell you to upgrade the use of your old phone in an epic and smartest way. So, if you have already a bunch of old phones, take them out from your junk drawer and apply these creative ideas.

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Use Your Old Mobile Phone As A Backup Phone Or ‘Burner’ Phone

Most probably, you can make use of your old phone as a backup phone or emergency phone of yours. If it still works, then do not discard or destroy it. You can use it as a second phone and thus meet all your emergency calling needs. Moreover, if the data backup of your fresh and new phone dies, then it is always a safer choice to keep a second phone in your hands.

Furthermore, instead of taking your new fancy phone for camping trips and beach outings, it is better to carry an old phone. That old mobile phone call still dial for you 911, so keep it with you for emergencies.

Utilize Your Old Phone As A Car Stereo Device And GPS Device

It is not a wise idea to sell a faulty mobile phone of yours. You can utilize it in many ways. Like, you can avail of your old mobile phone as a car stereo device and GPS device. You can install it on the dashboard mount.

Besides, you can transform it into a dedicated car stereo device. If your old phone is not good enough in making hands-free calls, then you can use it for playing music and also podcasts. It can give you real-time driving directions.

This whole transformation needs a little preparation from your side. What you can do is to preload your old phone with your favourite music and podcasts. Turn on a wifi connection on it and use GPS.

Use Your Old Phone As A Baby Monitor Or As A Security Cam

Instead of shelling your money on buying a baby monitor or buying a security cam, there is a smart and creative way to cut down this cost. You can use your old phone for this specific job or purpose.

There are a large number of cool apps that can turn and transform any of the old phone cameras right into a baby monitor or even be utilized as a home security camera. Furthermore, if you are using it as a baby monitor, then make sure that you mount it right within a few feet distance of your baby’s crib. You can download any related app in this regard.

Avail Your Old Phone To Capture Heart-Stopping And Catchy Videos

Instead of investing in some GoPro-style kind of action cameras, the smart way is to use your old phone. If your old mobile phone has the potential to record high-definition and high-quality videos, then you can freely use it to capture and record heart-stopping videos. For this job, you only have to buy the right mounting device. Look for the universal head mount that is made specifically for your phone.

Use Your Phone As A Digital Photo Frame

It will be super cool if you use your old phone in the form of a digital photo frame. You only have to perch and keep it on your desk. Or lay it on the coffee table. And then feel free to stream an updated slideshow of all of your digital pics. You can even see online photos with the help of any of the social media streams.

You can download apps like that of LiveFrame (iOS) and also Day frame (Android) for this job. These apps show and display photos right on your phone. They even pull in new and latest pics from your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.


So, what’s the bottom line? All of the above-mentioned are the cool ways to utilize your old phone instead of destroying it. If you are thinking to sell my faulty mobile phone, then disregard this thought for a minute. And make use of these creative ways to fully use your old phone in an epic way. Besides, you can use your old phone or your old tablet to stream webcams from the world’s scenic locales.

You must know that it is this EarthCam app (iOS) that manage to stream live videos all from popular places like that of Times Square or Blackberry Mountain. Stay tuned, more details are on their way.

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