Designer Tool: Sketching Support For The iPad!

As a designer, I am constantly facing a hardware meltdown when using technological tools to make my work easier and more creative. The iPad has been a huge help when coming up with new ideas for both Bit Rebels as well as client design requests. When I first tried out the iPad for my purposes, I was awestruck by the easy use and fast learning curve it had. However, trying to manage the device while doodling, designing and brainstorming is not easy. Sure, the iPad is sweet looking and all, but we humans only have two hands, and holding it while trying to be an effective designer doesn’t really go hand in hand.

That’s why the iSketch is an awesome little idea. The people over at Psychic Factory obviously knew what they were doing, and they have come up with a truly awesome way to secure the iPad in front of you, giving it support and a new time saving set of design tools. Just slip it into the flatbed dock, and you’re all good to go.

The dock works as a support for your iPad, and it also works as a powermat to charge your iPad while you work, making sure you’re not interrupted by the limited amount of power you can use. It also comes with a pen to use when designing, doodling and sketching. This product is like a tool sent from heaven, and it remains to be seen if they can really pull off all the amazing features. In their defense, the technology is already there and so it should be plausible to create. When it will be created; however, is a whole different question.