Disappearing Gate Is Perfect For A Zombie Apocalypse Bunker

If you are ever thinking about creating the ultimate zombie bunker, then you should have a look at this disappearing gate. It’s not your ordinary gate, and it is not something that you will install yourself. Also, if you have a bit of cash laying around this gate should be on your list to get. This gate will disappear right in front of your eyes like magic!

[pullquote]No, it’s not some Harry Potter magic doing its thing.[/pullquote] It’s simply a disappearing gate that will lower itself into the ground. I am not exactly sure I describe it correctly. The gate rods will be lowered into the ground giving the gate a cleaner look when it is “open”. When it’s closed it looks like your home (or zombie bunker) is impenetrable. There is nothing about the closed gate that says, “Enter Here!”. If anything, it screams “Private Property”.

I think you see my point when I say this disappearing gate is a great addition to any zombie bunker, right? I mean, not only is it super cool, but it is also almost impossible to get around.

It’s called Fancy Fence and will work in all kinds of weather. However, don’t expect it to be cheap to install. They come in three different materials, steel, wood and quarts and can be as tall as five and a half feet. They will cost you $280.00 per meter, and they can be installed in under 24 hours.

The fact that the disappearing gate will work all-year-round is probably one of its most attractive features. Well, if you have the cash available, why not invest in a zombie proof gate that looks epic.

Combine it with a zombie bunker worthy its name and you will have a heck of a home. That is if you are afraid that a zombie apocalypse is possible at all. At least with this gate, you will get a view of the oncoming dangers. You know, putting a concrete wall is not always the best beautification of a home. Especially if you at some point will consider the possibility of selling it.

Do you know of an even more epic gate? Perhaps even a zombie bunker that beats the one linked to in this article? Let us know in the comment section below.

Disappearing Gate – The Perfect Zombie Bunker

Disappearing Gate Fancy Fence