Disaster Survival Nerd Robo Shelter

While the world is utterly upside down, and we have disasters going on pretty much everywhere and seemingly all the time,  maybe it is time we start thinking about how to better keep ourselves safe. It’s evident that we are not prepared for everything that might happen, and time and time again we see the result of our improper planning. Even though almost every single government says we are prepared for everything, looking at the results, I would say we are far from it. So how can we better prepare for something that we have no possibly way of preparing for? It’s quite an epic question if you think about it. Well, as it turns out, it’s not that hard if you just start innovating from a lower level of engagement. Everything doesn’t always have to be on a huge scale.

Kacey Wong is a perfect example of that, or rather the little thing he put together to prepare for pretty much any worldly disaster you can think of is. It’s not a very complicated build, and it isn’t one that you would find in your average supply store. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t count on finding these robo living suits anywhere really. They may be awesome looking and highly futuristic in style, but they are likely not finished being developed just yet.

What Kacey has created is a solar panel fitted robo box that with the help of the sun is able to generate 15 volts of electricity to power any kind of appliances that you may want to keep you going strong after a worldly disaster. It’s the ultimate disaster house also, and when you open it, it will serve as a quite comfortable bed with cozy lights and everything. When the morning comes, you can just fold it up and roll it along with you while looking for more survivors. When I start to think about it, this thing really is a good idea. If it was in every home when disaster strikes, I am sure that we’d have a better start when the chaotic events stop. Nerdy inventions are truly the best.

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Doomsday Robo Suit Survival Build