Displays of tomorrow are Transparent | Amazing!

Few people interested in computers and tomorrows technology could have missed the ongoing gadget show CES in Las Vegas. This year more revolutionary devices have been announced than any other year and it seems like we’re just touching the top of the iceberg. Even though most technologies are not ready for the general market just yet they still shows us the awesome technology of tomorrow.

Just take a look at this “Avatar” inspired computer display. It’s, for now, attached to a laptop for prototype purposes but imagine having one of those screens in your office or in your car. It could even be incorporated into your shower glass door for you to be able to browse the latest news in the morning for example. The technology, again from Samsung, has huge potential and right now it’s only in R&D (Research & Development) but I am sure Samsung won’t hold it for long when they could really revolutionize the display industry in just one move.

There seems to be no end to the cool things now coming from Samsung and I wonder if they are on the verge of becoming the next heavyweight champion when it comes to new technologies. I guess we’ll just have to see but if I had to choose I would say Samsung is off to a very good start this 2010.