DIY iPhone Projector For Only $3

As some of you might know, I have written a couple of articles about some of the most advanced iPhone cases around, and they usually hold a projector somewhere in their shell. These cases are usually very costly, and for anyone without deep pockets, they can be but a dream. Surely there has to be another solution to pack some projector action with your iPhone without it costing an arm and a leg, right? Of course there is, but you will have to be prepared to put in some work in order to be able to sport one of the coolest DIY projects that I have found lately.

It’s the DIY iPone Projector for only $3 tutorial. It’s another one of those McGyver solutions that will have you sporting your very own mobile iPhone projector to use both in public and for personal movie nights. The list of things you will need is almost ridiculously short, and you will have your home projector done in a jiffy if you have the right tools. Don’t worry about any power sources, internal wiring or anything like that. This badboy is as easy to put together as making yourself a morning sandwich.

This little tutorial comes from the awesome people over at HouseholdHacker, but you can also find a tutorial of it over at Instructables. In broad daylight, this thing might not be of much use, but when you are in a completely dark room, you can totally watch a movie and enjoy it at the same time. I am sure the annoyance of the brightness just takes getting used to, and besides, you can turn up the brightness on your iPhone and get an even better image on that wall. Battery life might be an issue then, but make a hole in the box for your power source, and you should be able to watch movies for days.

DIY Cheap iPhone Projector Build

DIY Cheap iPhone Projector Build

Via: [iPhone Hacks]