The Essential Gadgets Every Car Needs To Have

The days of the clunky cassette player and AA Road Atlas are finally coming to an end. Modern vehicles are now filled with innovative gadgets and useful bits of technology, designed to provide drivers with a smoother, safer and more comfortable journey than ever before.

Since so many of us get behind the wheel on a daily basis, these rapid technological advances are undoubtedly making life that little bit easier. However, there’s no need to rush out to the local car dealership just yet, because even your current vehicle can be kitted out with the latest gadgets and accessories, allowing you to upgrade the existing technology and finally bring your 10-year-old Fiesta into the digital age.

But which of these gadgets does your vehicle actually need?

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GPS Car Tracker

Perhaps most commonly used by concerned parents keeping an eye on younger drivers, GPS vehicle tracking devices are fast becoming an essential security device for all motorists. Since these handy gadgets allow you to check on the location of your vehicle in real-time, they significantly increase the odds of recovering it in the event of a theft.

Now that car theft rates are at their highest in almost 10 years, a car tracker provides an essential safety net just in case you’re unfortunate enough to become a victim. Considering that such a large number of stolen vehicles are never found by the authorities, the ability to accurately pinpoint your vehicle’s location is certainly an investment worth making.

In fact, by installing one of the more advanced CAT 5 models, you could even make most of this investment back through lowered insurance premiums, while these cutting-edge devices also allow you to remotely immobilize your vehicle if someone does try to steal it. After all, you can’t really put a price on peace of mind.


On a similar note, research carried out last year by Aviva shows that one in four UK motorists now regularly use a dashcam. Although getting involved in an accident can always prove a frightening experience, the study also found that 48% of drivers believe dashcams improve peace of mind, while 36% actually feel safer while driving.

Although some motorists might want to simply film a beautiful drive, dashcams are primarily used to provide valuable footage in the event of an accident. San Diego car accident lawyers note that the odds state that most every driver will at some point be involved in an accident. Despite not making the collision any less traumatic, these gadgets are essential towards proving which driver was at fault and could potentially save you a fortune on legal costs.

Instead of court cases turning into your word against that of another motorist, the high quality of modern dashcams can always provide valuable evidence; helping to quickly settle any legal disputes and protect you from fraud.


The satnav has become such a staple of the modern vehicle, it’s hard to imagine ever taking to the road without one. While drivers would previously drown in maps and spend hours trying to find the best route, satnavs make it easier than ever to arrive at your destination in the quickest time possible. In fact, without some sort of satnav installed, new drivers will soon feel incredibly lost indeed. 

Of course, the need for a satnav has decreased somewhat over the past decade or so, since modern smartphones now offer full GPS functionality and can prove just as effective in route-planning. So, instead of forking out for an expensive TomTom or staring at the phone on your lap, you might want to consider investing in a smartphone mount instead.

USB Charger

Since smartphones are so important for navigation and communication out on the road, the last thing you need is a dead battery. Fortunately, you can simply buy a portable USB charger and plug it into your cigarette lighter, with the more expensive devices offering numerous ports and allowing you to charge more than one device at the same time. Although these chargers will inevitably vary in power and charge time, they’ll always prove vital when you’re behind the wheel and on less than 10%. Once you’ve got all these gadgets in place, you’ll be left wondering how you ever survived on the road without them.

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