Fart Silencer: As Weird As You Imagine It To Be!

As odd and uncomfortable as this subject might seem, it’s just one of those topics that is too hilarious not to cover. Before I continue, just know this device is as odd as you imagine, and it goes exactly where you might guess it would go. So, now that we have that cleared up, we can move on to the more technical aspect of the whole thing. As you might think, it’s a device to keep your wind from making you the center of attention whenever you have eaten beans or cabbage for dinner.

To make the device even more odd, the designer goes by the name of “Big Chicken Mushroom,” and he calls this device the “Ultimate Fart Silencer.” The device is inserted and will alleviate any smell or sound that you might have to pass at odd occasions. It has an opened end that is the part that catches the wind when passed and another end with smell holes that will keep the smell and sound from everyone’s nose and ears.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can even insert a cotton ball with fragrance into the tube device to further disguise your bodily function smells. I doubt that this will become the Christmas present of the year anytime soon. Another interesting thing is that it, of course, comes from Asia. Those guys are truly exploring EVERY area of biological enhancements. I just hope this is the last we’ll ever hear about this one. It’s too hilarious, too odd and too scary if you ask me!