Tread-Walk: Brilliant or Stupid Invention?

I really thought there wasn’t going to be any more modding to the treadmill. Honestly, in my own little way, I thought that the awesomeness and laziness of the treadmill was all behind us by now. Boy, I was wrong. When you think of countries like Japan and Korea, you always think of cool inventions, high IQs and robots, right? Well, I do, but their inventions aren’t always up to par with what we might actually use.

When I first heard about the “Fart Silencer,” I was awestruck by the simple fact that it is actually a legitimate and real product. Of course, they will never become a fortune 500 company, but it is actually a real product. And, that’s exactly the case with this little (not so little though) invention as well.

It’s actually a treadmill with wheels. When you walk/run on it, it accelerates and keeps the same tempo as you are keeping on the treadmill. It has a steering handle so you can steer your way around in public. So, correct me if I am being dumb here, but wasn’t this already invented like… at the beginning of mankind? Isn’t this skill also known as “walking?” I mean, seriously? I am in between being a geek and a critic right now. You have to tell me if this is brilliant or stupid. What do you think?