Finally, We’re Starting To Celebrate Our Outstanding Women

For far too long women of outstanding achievement have been hidden away from public view. Throughout history, they have toiled silently, and tirelessly to discover and deliver some of the greatest inventions of the 20th Century. From the discovery of the invincible and versatile material Kevlar, through to the replication of the DNA double helix, women have been consistently driving society forward in ways which have delivered profound changes to the world.

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The scientist Jess Wade has become an advocate for these women by making sure many of these women get the recognition they deserve, by creating specific Wikipedia pages. Ms. Wade’s own field is in science, and it’s led to many more women’s achievements at places like NASA, being given pride of place, and even the naming of some roads. It’s high time these remarkable women were celebrated for their outstanding achievements and Ms. Wade’s effort is also a project to be recognized in its own right.


Grace Hopper and Hetty Lamar are two American women who have left a lasting legacy within the field of technology but are only just becoming the household names they should have been some time ago. If you want to show your appreciation for your favorite leading lady, whether it be an actress or a physicist, you can easily do this by personalizing your phone case. It makes a really fitting tribute if you admire someone who’s been directly responsible for the fact, you’re able to hold your phone in your hand, and engage in the modern way of living.


Not many people know but it was actually a woman by the name of Elizabeth J. Magie who invented the family favorite board game of Monopoly. Elizabeth seems to have unfortunately been lost behind the games iconic character of Mr. Money Bags. For coffee lovers they owe a debt of thanks to the German inventor Melitta Benz for the humble coffee filter, allowing us to indulge in a far superior cup of coffee. It was also, in fact, a woman by the name of Caresse Crosby who invented the bra, alongside being a staunch patron of the arts, her entrepreneurial spirit is with us all on a daily basis.


From the humble wiper blade through to the invention of propellers for steamships, women have been behind the scenes contributing to how the field of engineering works and how its onward advances have progressed. It may be associated in our minds that its men who chop down trees, but it was a woman who gave them the circular saw to do it with.

So, when you’re sat in the warmth of your home, powered by central heating, take a moment and remember it was an African American woman named Alice Parker that invented the heating system that’s keeping the cold at bay.

It’s time to celebrate our intelligent, smart and outstanding women, who we owe our thanks to for the many things we had no previous idea they’d created.

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