Fortune Camera: The Next Gen Fortune Cookie

You’re at a restaurant and you have just finished your meal. You ask for the bill, and when it arrives, you also get a fortune cookie. The only thing you’re wondering now is what your fortune will have in store for you. Will it be good or bad? Success or fail? Well, it doesn’t really matter cause in your bag you have an even cooler thing that will tell you what the near future will deliver. It comes in the form of a camera.

This camera will bring yet another level of fun to your photography, and it will also take fortune cookie messages to en entirely new era. Urban Outfitters now offers a $12 camera with a 24 shot roll of film that will imprint a fortune cookie message on each image.

If you think this reminds you of those apps on the iPhone where you can add comments and comic style text bubbles, well this is far better. This way you don’t have to come up with the text yourself. You can just keep taking pictures and when printed, they will come with a unique little prediction for you to put your mind to. It might seem like a small feature for a digital camera, and it is; however, this will give you real photos with the images already attached. So take a photo of your friends and your loved ones and give them something to look forward to. Where can we take the fortune cookie next? Do you have any ideas?