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Your physic DVD collections have a lifespan – and so does the DVD player. It started with the VHS many years ago – as the mainstay of home entertainment in the mid-1970’s- the well-worn medium was discontinued in the summer of 2016.

DVD shares this fate. From the point of view of popularity and prominence of streaming services to the lack of optical drive in your PC, in particular, the decision by Samsung to stop producing Blu-Ray players worldwide might aggravate the degradation of DVD.

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Decode & Digitize DVD

You may want to salvage your DVD collection before time takes its toll, the simplest solution is to decode your existing DVD disc into a digital format that lives on your hard drive. Once you have the video the way you want it, you can watch it on HTPC, KODI, Plex server, Amazon Fir TV, a ton more devices. Disclaimer: It’s illegal to produce copies of commercial films and copyrighted content, please comply with your local laws and make backup copies of DVDs under the concept of fair use.

Download A DVD Decoder To Display Your Movie

Looking for a proper DVD decoder is tough. Either here is no DVD decoder has been installed, because Windows Media Player does not bring this decoder, or it is an existing DVD decoder, which does not recognize the currently available DVD formats and thus cannot implement, for example, it may be an error message occur that there is no compatible DVD decoder and the image and sound cannot be reproduced.

Another possible issue is region error If for instance, you’re trying to play a UK or Japanese DVD in the United States. If you encountered the similar problems above, then WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, as one of the best DVD rippers, is recommended.

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Backup And Digitize A Full DVD Movie In 5 Minutes

In contrast to Handbrake, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a powerful, yet a very easy-to-use app that requires no technical knowledge of codec, bit rates, and aspect ratios, even a 6-year-old kid can understand. By leveraging level-3 hardware acceleration tech, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum conducts encoding and decoding task on Intel QSV and Nvidia NVENC / CUDA than on the computer’s CPU.

Therefore, the whole DVD ripping process is accelerated to a new level, without sacrificing the video and audio quality, but easing the burden of CPU dramatically. It only takes 5 minutes only to rip a feature-length movie (the time depends also on other factors).

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An All-Inclusive DVD Decoder To Support All Copy-Protected DVD

In addition, WinX works with all DVDs, including copy-protected discs and special DVDs that Handbrake does not support, such as 99-title discs, music DVDs, UDF or ISO 9660 file system standard, or in NTSC or PAL region standard.

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