Future Stroller: Babies Roll Majestically In Style

Our children are the most valuable resource the world has. They are the ones that will have to pick up the pieces from the mess that we have made. The better we take care of them, the better they will take care of our beloved planet for their children to enjoy. See, it’s all a chain that leads to something else down the road. So how are we treating our children that are newly hatched into this crazy yet so wonderful world?

Well, in the future we will certainly make sure that our babies roll like kings and queens in their own majestic stroller. It’s the ultimate pimped ride with a slew of futuristic features to make sure that the kid inside it is strolling along like he or she was floating on clouds. The look of this new, daring and edgy design is what designer Ascanio Afan de Rivera thinks will be the future of strollers. I must say, it’s a heck of an improvement to the boring and mundane designs we see strollers having today.

It’s a development that has breached the boundaries for what a stroller can do. It adapts and can be transformed into several different forms. It can also be collapsed until it’s smaller, more trunk-sized, to fit into your luggage when you are traveling. It is composed of only 11 parts, so the whole structure is remarkably solid and will carry your child in the very most comfortable and majestic way imaginable.