World’s Fastest Custom Baby Stroller Zips Around At 50 MPH [Video]

We love custom builds here at Bit Rebels. Every time we come across one, we want to share it with you guys. Sometimes we can’t get them all out to you due to time constraints, but we try to fit in as much technology content as possible for your viewing pleasure. The world is full of quirky and wonderful custom builds that border on the edge of insane. It’s hard to believe, but there are builds that will make even this custom baby stroller look like a completely normal project.

You would definitely have to be just a tad nuts to come up with a build this…odd. I mean, who in their right mind would try to build the world’s fastest baby stroller? The brain power behind this mad yet insanely cool baby stroller is UK resident Colin Furze who recently became a father. I guess things just didn’t move fast enough for Colin, who spent a couple of months and a few hundred pounds on this thing.

When I say the world’s fastest baby stroller I really mean it. This custom build can zip around on the streets in speeds up to 50 MPH. I have no idea whether or not that is legal. I mean, I guess you would have to have some kind of permit in order to drive around a crazy build like this baby stroller in speeds that would overtake most cars on a normal Friday. Usually people driving this fast would wear a helmet. Well, let’s just say that Colin himself is a little bit off the blind side of sanity since he doesn’t even wear any kind of protective gear when riding it.

Luckily his girlfriend, and mother of their newborn child, hasn’t allowed Colin to drive the baby stroller with anything other than a doll in it. I have to admit though that zipping around on the streets with this thing looks quite intriguing. I can’t say I have driven a baby stroller at 50 MPH before. It’s an impressive achievement to say the least!

World’s Fastest Custom Baby Stroller In Action


Via: [Daily Mail]