Garmin Announces Innovative Heads-Up Display For Your Car

When it comes to innovative computer usage, one of the most futuristic approaches at the moment is probably the numerous incarnations of Google Glass. The concept has had a huge spread so far, and more people than we could probably imagine are looking forward to wearing these glasses. But the concept goes far beyond just being meant for glasses. Garmin recently announced they are launching their new heads-up display for cars.

It’s a bold and innovative device that will take your car into the next millennium before we even get there. The concept is not new though. It’s been used by cars like prototype Lexus cars and has been demoed many times at car shows all around the world. What makes the Garmin heads-up display so different is the fact that you can add this feature to your own car and only have to spend $129.99 to do it.

The heads-up display is a good invention on many levels. This is true primarily because it will make your driving experience a whole safer. With this display, dubbed the Garmin HUD, you don’t have to take your eyes off the road like you have to now. No more peaking at the speed, gas or volume on your sound system or anything like that. Instead, the Garmin heads-up display will show you all the information you need directly on the display itself, which is transparent so you will always be able to keep your eyes on the road.

The Garmin heads-up display is not something that will hog up your smartphone’s screen or anything like that. It’s actually a smartphone accessory. When you have put a specially coated sticker on your windshield, you can put this Bluetooth smartphone accessory underneath the sticker, and it will display the information directly on it without obscuring your view in any way. This gadget could become a huge success if it is marketed correctly, and if it has features that will really enable you to not have to look at your dashboard for everything you need to know. If you could integrate it with the information your car sends out, it would be the ultimate smartphone accessory.

Garmin’s Car Heads-Up Display Smartphone Accessory



Via: [iPhone Hacks]