Gear For Girls – Only The Coolest Thing You Can Give Your Girl

Have you ever been stressed about the fact that you never give your girl that little extra thing to make her feel special? Probably not, right? But if you did, what would it be? That’s the thing! It’s really hard to come up with things for girls because whatever you pick for them they are always offended. For example, if you give a girl a t-shirt and it turns out to be too big (cause we guys never get that size thing right), you can be dead sure that she will ask you, and not in a polite way, if you think she’s that big. And then the race is on… you’ll have to spend probably an hour just getting in to why exactly you chose that size… and you can be sure to spend the next two hours after that coming up with an excuse.

All this happened because you wanted to buy her that little extra thing to make her happy. Well, there are better ways and better things. If you really want to impress your girl with your present shopping skills, then just save up the money for what could only be described as the coolest thing ever to give your girl. It’s designed by Lee Won-jun and it is not only a highly technological device, but also a treat for the eye.

This thing is actually an MP3 player. As small as it is, and looking nothing less than a very trendy and fresh, this earring kind of thing it is sure to whisk your girlfriend off her feet. If she doesn’t like this one, I don’t know what to tell you really. I mean, it doesn’t introduce the size problem into the gifting. It also doesn’t say anything about her looks. It simply tells her that she is going to be the coolest chick on the block for a very long time to come.

Oh, and don’t forget to give her a couple of songs to really sell the idea of your being the perfect boyfriend for her. What type of songs? Well, if you can’t even figure that out, you’re not even worthy of a girlfriend buddy. Now, get off your butt and get out there… find this thing and load up the money for it… better days await!