Geeky Gear: 7 Back To School Must Haves!

When I was a child, I loved the first day of school. Even if i cried my eyes out because I did not want my mom to leave me there, I was still happy because I knew I would get new books and back to school stuff. My favorites were always my brand new 64 jumbo Crayolas, Hello Kitty bag, pencil box and Sesame Street lunch box. We would usually go shopping at least a week before classes started. I would watch where my mom stored the new goodies, and then I would secretly look at them with so much excitement knowing I would soon be using them.

Today things are a lot different considering that stuff can now be bought online. The back-to-school gear is more fun and much cooler. A geek wouldn’t really mind waking up to a super loud Ninja clock that also shakes your bed when it rings! Or… how about going to school wearing a cool PacMan hoodie! Take your lunch in a Star Wars lunch box, or do your homework with Lego Star Wars pens! If I was a kid, I would absolutely go gaga over these back to school specials, how about you?

Super Loud Ninja Alarm – Super-loud alarm clock vibrates your bed.  Set up for sound, vibration or both.  Great for grumpy teenagers and sound sleepers.

Liquid Bookmark – Hold your place in your delicious horror novel.  Bookmark made of red silicone.  Looks like melting wax or blood.  Perfect gift for vampire-obsessed girls.

Bawls – The Perfect Food For Geeks & Gamers – ThinkGeek’s favorite caffeinated beverage. 80 mg caffeine per 10 ounce bottle.  Choose: Regular, Cherry, Sugar-Free, or Root Beer.

The ultimate status symbol –  Tin lunchbox featuring artwork from The Empire Strikes Back.  All of your favorite characters are there, even the tauntaun.  Use it to carry lunch or display it as a collectible.

One Bawls in the Side Pocket – Roomie lunch bag with velcro closure.  Great for kids or adults – anyone who packs a lunch.  Black and green lunch bag with cute sandwich graphic

The galaxy’s best lucky pen – Connect and build these LEGO Star Wars pens.  Choose Darth Vader or R2-D2.  Includes mini figure elements and pieces

For the Serious Retro Gaming Fan – This hoodie has slightly more dots than it should. And also two starting boxes for the ghosts. So possibly it could trump that perfect score of 3,333,360 points (achieved by eating every fruit, energizer, dot and ghost possible from Level 1 through 256).

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