Give Your Apple Gear A Wooden Placement

You may say whatever you want about Apple, but they sure make stylish and beautiful gadgets for all of us to fill our homes with. Some may be less successful then others, but their style and packaging is always top notch. That’s is probably one reason why Apple has been so successful since Steve Jobs returned to wave the wand. With so many gadgets coming from Apple all the time, it can be quite a task housing them all on your desk or even at home.

The designers over at Combine Collective have that all covered now. At least for some of Apple’s awesomeness. Why not invest in the Combine Collective Deluxe Tray and put your gadgets where you will always find them? It will also keep them in place for you to access them whenever you want to. It’s like building your own custom made keyboard tray.

It’s a cool and beautiful wooden tray in which you can place your wireless keyboard, remote and trackpad. Or, if you want a less advanced tray, that is available as well. They have whatever you want really. The prices vary from $69 to $79 for the three kinds that are available so far. If they are successful, I am sure they will make more advanced ones with way more slots to put your gear in. Why not add an iPhone dock and a few USB ports as well? Why not even stick a memory card reader in there to make it a photographer’s dream! Just stick those memory cards in there and start retouching with the trackpad. You’ll have the fastest service in your town.