Google Penguin Update: The Winners & Losers [Infographic]

To switch things up, I thought we should talk about SEO from a more surfaced perspective today. Usually when we write about SEO here on Bit Rebels, we tend to share the in-depth aspects of it, and quite frankly, sometimes that’s not necessary at all. We could just scratch the surface of SEO, and that would still make a significant impact on search results. The latest Google Penguin update is proof of that since with it comes both winners and losers who need to review their SEO strategies.

With each Google Penguin update comes a set of new rules and factors that will push some websites up the charts and make others fall down. For the winners, it’s a welcomed push. For the losers, it can be a frustrating event that could easily decrease the revenue they have worked so hard to earn. However, that is the game of search engine optimization, and there is simply no way around it. All you can do is to bite the sour apple and keep optimizing according to the rules that Google has set for us all.

Even though the recent Google Penguin update might weed out some of the black hat SEO websites and spam, it can still hurt legit SEO strategies that have simply become a little skewed. In order to cure your website from the recent Google Penguin update, there is now a fresh infographic that might shed some much needed light on why it is your website has been penalized.

The infographic is called Google Penguin: Algorithm Changes + Updates, and it is presented by Digital Jungle. It’s a lightweight infographic that just outlines the most simple aspects of the Google Penguin update, and it does so in a very simple manner. All you will basically have to do in order to future-proof your website for coming updates is correct what might have been penalized with this current Google Penguin update. Don’t lose hope of ending up on top of search engine results. Who knows, next time it might be your website that gets the most boost, and all of sudden you find yourself in a position you don’t even know how to handle. All it takes is to play along the rules that each update dictates. That should not be so hard, right?

Digital Jungle’s Google Penguin Update Infographic

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