How To: Safe Up Your Website For Penguin Update 2.0 [Infographic]

Whenever Google releases a new algorithm update for Google search indexing and search results, it’s something that most webmasters dread. That’s not because they are necessarily doing anything to bypass the competition in a shady way, but because usually their site is demoted because they are not doing something they should have done. The new Google Search Penguin update 2.0 that Google recently released is rocking the Internet once more.

This time, just like the last time, Google is focusing on phasing out all the link farmers and spammers. With the previous update, they touched the topic, but in this Penguin update, they unleash the final blow. If you are using stuff that produces links automatically or directly farms posts from other websites in a way that doesn’t comply with the Google rules, you will be subject to demotion. This is not a guess, but a clear fact.

Google wants to make everyone adjust to their way of displaying relative, informative and influential content in the best way possible. The Penguin update 2.0 is going to make everyone go White Hat overnight, or at least that’s the rumor. The best thing you can do right now is study the Google search rules and make the necessary changes to your search engine optimization strategy.

So what is it that the new Penguin update will focus on, and what are they expecting people to do? I found a fresh infographic called Get Your Site Ready For Penguin 2.0, presented by Koenig Web Design (design by Chris Louis). It might not be the most comprehensive infographic ever created, but it has a bunch of valid tips and guidelines which are ever so important now that this new Penguin update 2.0 has been released.

The Penguin update 2.0 is basically all about fighting spam. The more links you automatically generate the more spammy you will come across. It goes for duplicate content as well. If you provide quality links (which I wrote about yesterday), and valuable information, you are likely to get a boost now that the new Penguin update is released. Within this infographic, you will also get a pretty useful strategy suggestion when it comes to better search engine ranking. It points out that content marketing is the most important aspect of your strategy to focus on. Safe up your website today by following these tips, it will do you good.

Koenig Web Design’s Penguin Update Infographic

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