Google Rich Snippets: What Are They? [Infographic]

There are a lot of people who are trying to increase their traffic from search engines. It all comes down to a whole lot of factors that through SEO can affect your ranking quite a bit. There are things you can actively do right now in order to up that traffic of yours. Google is allowing people to inject a little more creativity into the listings on their search engine. These creative approaches are called Google Rich Snippets, and they could potentially increase your traffic a lot.

Essentially what Google Rich Snippets are is a set of tools to make your content look a little bit more advanced and formatted. You can add stuff like ratings, prices or even your Google Plus avatar. It’s a way to make sure people know you have spent considerable time making sure your content is good, well presented and maintained. Google Rich Snippets are becoming the fastest way to get people to click your search result when it shows up.

There are a bunch of Google Rich Snippets to choose from as well. The most common one, and the one that a lot of people have started to implement, is the Authorship snippet. What this does is add your avatar to the search result as well as a link to your Google Plus profile. It also puts a level of influence on the search result since it also shows how many circles you are in. This could very well lead to a whole lot of people clicking your search result instead of the ones ahead of you, which lack the Google Rich Snippets.

In order to properly introduce you to the Google Rich Snippets features I have found an infographic presented by Searchmojo. It’s called 10 Ways To Use Google Rich Snippets To Enhance Your Search Results, and it could potentially help you increase your search engine traffic significantly. If you’re wondering how to implement all of these, there are plenty of tutorials available if you search for each one of them. They are quite easy to implement as well, so don’t feel daunted by their visual complexity. Once they are implemented, you will have a greater chance of rocking a whole lot more traffic through your SEO optimizations later on. This should be among the first steps you take in order to secure more traffic from search engines. Google Rich Snippets are a great way to add extra visibility to your search results. Don’t miss out on the extra traffic. After all, these are really simple to implement.

Searchmojo’s Google Rich Snippets Infographic

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