GoPad: The Geeky Solution For Handsfree iPad Usage

I use my iPad for research. I research everything from code to articles, and it is a huge part of my daily work. It gives me an easy way to stay mobile while I work, and it is an optimized tool whenever I need to look something up, browse the web or check out our latest statistics. The iPad is particularly useful when it comes to staying comfortable while working. I work pretty much 24/7, but just like anyone, I take breaks every once in a while to do whatever everyone else does, like eating and sleeping. However, with the constant productivity, if I feel like I want to get out, having the iPad is a great solution to work on when I am laying down or sitting comfortably on a couch, but it’s not a handsfree iPad solution.

There are a ton of products on the market that enable a handsfree solution. Some are odd, some are bulky and some are just a copy of a copy. What I am showcasing today is what I call a “geeky” solution, and it has many different purposes. I don’t have much of a need for a handsfree iPad solution since I use my hands when typing or coding anyways, and having a strap around my neck isn’t an option I would consider. However, for people who are looking to find a handsfree iPad solution, this GoPad concept could possibly be what you are looking for.

It’s a handsfree iPad add-on that enables you to sit, stand or lie down in any position you find comfortable and still have easy access to your iPad. Working hours on end on an iPad is hard work, and this sets out to ease the strain a bit. It flips, rotates, angles and pivots in order to become the one solution best suited for you. The GoPad handsfree iPad solution is currently looking for funding over at IndieGoGo, and for just $55.00 you will get your very own GoPad handsfree iPad solution once the project has been funded. If you want to become even more mobile with the iPad, head over to the GoPad project page and pledge. There you can also find plenty more in-depth videos on the IndieGoGo project page.

GoPad – Handsfree iPad Usage Soluion