This Helmet Lets You View Your Overstimulated Life In Slow Motion

If you are frustrated with how fast-paced and overstimulated your life has gotten lately, or if you want to look like a sleestak, you’ll like this helmet called The Decelerator Helmet. This isn’t anything that is for sale, and it’s not necessarily supposed to be an every day device. It’s simply a creative technology design made in response to how insanely fast our lives move these days. It’s like a virtual reality helmet with an unexpected twist.

If you wear this helmet, you will see life happening around you as it’s really happening, but everything will be in slow motion. Keep in mind, it’s slow motion compared to what we know today. Our ancestors would probably call the experience with the helmet on “real life.”

It’s true, we do lead overstimulated lives, and it can get exhausting and overwhelming at times. We multitask all day long, and our senses are constantly taking in information. It can be tough to get away from all the noise in our lives, even at home where the smartphones in our pockets are constantly notifying us of social media updates.

Even though the look of this helmet will probably make you giggle, the technology on the inside is fascinating. It allows the user to detach from time. In other words, when you’re wearing this, you can’t sense time so to speak. With a tiny controller, you can slow down the people and experiences in front of you, or speed them up. Technology is a double-edged sword because technology is mostly to blame for our overstimulated lives, but at the same time, without it, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy innovative technology applications like this.

I wonder how heavy this thing is. It looks like it might get hot in there after a while. I suppose it wasn’t designed to be worn for long periods of time so that doesn’t matter. I would definitely like to try it. The Decelerator Helmet was designed by Lorenz Potthast, and if you click over to his website you can see more pictures. You can see this helmet in action in the video below.

Slow Down Your Overstimulated Life With The Decelerator Helmet

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Via: [Fashioning Tech]