HoloCube Is Seriously Going To Mess With Your Reality

Are you eager to try out a working hologram concept that will seriously mess with your sense of reality?  It might be a while until that happens in real time, and until it seamlessly incorporates the viewable area in front of you without using screens or transparent sheets of glass.  What I am talking about is mid-air holographic projection of course, and I only know of one successful experiment that actually was interactive as well.  The quality could be debated for hours, and I think we need a whole lot better presentation in order to make it believable enough to be utilized in our every day life.  For example, it would be rather cool if you could have a video call with someone with a holographic representation in front of you instead of an image on that gadget you’re holding up in front of you.

HoloCube by designer Joris Vanbriel for Belgacom is a first step in the direction of seamless holographic images, and even though it’s really awesome and to some extent could really mess with you head, I am not too excited or impressed by it.  Maybe it’s because there are so many companies working on transparent screens for computers and stuff that it really has become kind of an ordinary occurrence.

But incorporated well, this cube could totally catch some eyeballs if placed in a mall or some other public space where people usually only see ads on a billboard.  Why not create one giant screen or cube and replace a whole billboard with it instead.  I am sure that billboard would catch way more attention than anything else.  On second thought, maybe it would become a hazard instead of a cool advertisement trick.  Hmm… the technology of the future is sometimes messing with reality in a different way.