How Google Glass Glasses Really Work [Infographic]

There are many people who are waiting to get their hands on a pair of Google Glass glasses. By now, pretty much everyone has seen the ramped up advertisements for these soon-to-be iconic glasses. Whether they will become popular or not is of course up to the consumer. With a price tag of around $1,500.00, I wonder if they’ll catch on as fast as Google would like. It’s definitely a cool concept that is worth looking into, and this infographic will tell us everything.

Even though we know the future is all about technology creeping its way into our lives in one way or another, there are still things that we ponder when it does. Take these Google Glass glasses for example, how do they really work? I mean, it’s not like they just magically show us a picture in front of our eye whenever we want them to, right? There is a bit of technology and complexity involved in making these glasses one of the most high tech glasses around.

Martin Missfeldt decided to take a closer look at them and try and demystify their features so we all can have a clear view of just what goes on in these Google Glass glasses. It’s actually more simple than you might think when you start looking at the different parts that make up the glasses. The execution and development of these glasses is not easy, but once they are explained, it makes perfect sense.

There are really just three vital parts that make all of these features work brilliantly together. The Google Glass glasses only consist of a frame, a processor and a prism. Yeah, and of course a camera, microphone and speakers as well – but these features can be added to just about anything these days. It’s the processor and the prism in them that are really innovative. Have a look at this infographic and behold the wonder of technology as Google would like to see it. It’s fascinating to know that these Google Glass glasses could possibly become a common view in pretty much every corner of our planet. The question is, what apps will we be able to develop for them? Do you have any ideas? Please share!

Google Glass Glasses Infographic

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