Video Game Evolution: From Pong To WoW [Infographic]

When the personal computer was introduced to us back in the day, all of us were mesmerized by the optimization it allowed. The computer was meant to make computation and writing easier. But with innovation comes inspiration and creativity, and that soon led to people starting to create video games. The video game evolution is a wonder to behold, especially when you start looking at how far gaming has come over the years.

Pong, Pac-Man and a whole lot of other games have become the mothers and fathers of what gaming is today. The foundation they built is still relevant today. Without the ingenuity of those game developers, none of today’s groundbreaking games would have been possible. People embraced these initial games as form of entertainment, and they made gaming popular. It’s really as simple as that. When we start looking at the video game evolution, that becomes ever more apparent.

So do we really know how the video game evolution started? Are we even able to comprehend its insane impact once it began? We can get an overview of its entirety by looking at a fresh infographic called Pac-Man To WoW: The Evolution Of Video Games, presented by National Geographic (design by NowSourcing).

The infographic goes into detail, showcasing the very essence of what is now gaming history. The video game evolution started back in 1947 thanks to Goldsmith and Mann who created a missile simulator using nothing but a cathode ray tube that appeared as a dot on the screen. Everything that followed has had a profound impact on both video game evolution and society itself. It’s easy to forget how today’s games have also become a way to help, educate and create better security in our lives. As all of this continuous to progress, we will see an increased adaptation in speed and a more immersive gaming experience. The Oculus Rift is definitely a great example of that, but the list is of course infinitely long. What is your first memory when it comes to video games?

National Geographics’ Video Game Evolution Infographic

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