How to Build a Pair of Hover Shoes

I can’t but laugh at this genius clip. Simple and cool. Who wouldn’t want their own pair of “Hover Shoes”? How cool wouldn’t it be to be able to skim the floor without touching it in an almost magical manner. And it’s so simple to build. Just a couple of 50 pounds magnets for each shoe and a little glue, a couple of batteries, a couple of switches and some wire. Put those all together and you will definitely be the coolest kid on the block,. If not in the entire country.

With an almost boyish expectation I watched this and was amazed by the result it was going to preview. Sooo cool I thought and almost couldn’t wait to see how it worked. Well, those physics lessons wasn’t all in vain after all. LOL As much as I wanted this to be real, it’s not. But the idea is so apealing and I can’ wait for something with maximum awesomeness to become reality for us DIY  (Do It Yourself) builders.

However, great spoof!

How to Build Hover Shoes