How to Calibrate Your Monitors

Calibrating your monitors is quite necessary when working with graphics. As a designer you can’t leave this one to chance. Nor do you have to as there are several ways to achieve a great calibration. Some like to download or even buy some fancy software to help them do it. However, calibrating your monitors is as much an eye thing as it is a technical calibration on your actual monitors. Of course you can’t calibrate your eyes more than adjust the focus with ocular enhancements such as glasses.

A healthy dose of “reality” is often needed before you actually start to calibrate your monitors to get the “REAL” color corrections right in every way, Red Green and Blue. With these somewhat hasty videos you can learn how to calibrate your monitors to get the very best working environment on screen. If you know of another way to accomplish a reliable and designer friendly calibration please don’t hesitate to tell us. Just include your way in the comment area along with a link if you have to for all others to take part of.

Of course there are many different software’s out there that will help you with this task but I won’t create a list here as it would be too long. However, again if you have used a software that really made your screens work for you then please share your findings in a comment.