How To: Hack a Light Bulb!

The new thing is to save energy and more and more manufacturers of light bulbs tries to get into the market of LED’s and other energy saving solutions. LED’s are the most energy saving way to get light today and it is used in stop lights, flat screens, flashlights etc. to make sure the source of energy remains small and reliable throughout a longer period of time. Now, there is a neat trick that I found that will make even your closest friends wonder what the heck is going on. It all involves LED’s and it’s pretty neat and simple to do.

You need a few things but it won’t cost you much. 1-2 light bulbs, 2 batteries, 2 cords, a soldering device and a few ordinary tools to pull this off. Just remember not to put this light bulb back into any sockets and try to turn them on. The result I don’t know but it’s best you don’t.

The cool thing about it is that for someone with a little bit of skills you can actually make this lamp rotate in color with just a little chip attached to its inside, then add a few more lights in different colors and you have your own light bulb that can lie by itself on the table and still twinkle in different colors. If that’s not impressive I don’t know. Enjoy and be careful!