How To Make An Ultra Cheap DIY iPad Stylus

Many people want to use their iPad as a Wacom or a doodle board, but they soon find out that the touch screen doesn’t react to anything but the slight electrical conductivity in the fingers which controls the clicking and scribbling. A lot of people have pointed out that this will be the downfall of the iPad, and that Apple should really look into the matter and make a more universal screen for people who want to use their iPad in a more creative way.

On the other hand, some people just won’t sit around waiting for Apple to correct what wasn’t a flaw, but a strategic decision from the beginning. These people are called technology hackers more than inventors. A group of these people working at Teague has discovered that if you go about it in a different way, you can still have your iPad and use it as a Wacom or a doodle board also.

The solution is genius. It will probably set you back about $2 if even that. In this micro corporate tutorial (which is not really a tutorial… it’s more like a showcase) they show you that with just a sock and a pencil you can create an ultra cheap DIY iPad stylus and live happily ever after. Just make sure you use a clean sock and not the one on your feet. The stinky smell will be unbearable and it won’t impress many people, especially if you’re at McDonald’s or Starbucks getting a bit of work done during your lunch break.

We’ve been experimenting with conductive foams and fabrics in search of a middle ground. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to make a soft, conductive writing tool using some pretty basic materials. All you need is a pencil, an anti-static sock (such as this one, with X-Static in the foot area which contains conductive silver thread), and some patience to cut and sew it all together.