How To: See through Clothes!

This is one of the more odd findings I have found recently. Even though it serves no other purpose than the voyeuristic naughtiness of the user it caught my attention because of the one fact that it actually works. Nope, haven’t tried it myself but there are so many videos of it nowadays that I start to question if this is really no cheat. It look like it could work and I am sure that someone with a better technical skill spectrum than me knows of it’s potential. The one problem I am questioning is the very fabric it can see through. Surely there must be some sort of textures that this method can’t penetrate right?

Doesn’t this bring up some concerns about what mode people is actually filming you in? I am sure that in warmer places than around here there should be some concerns as it seems the less clothes you have on the more it will show. Yeah, it’s kind of a given but when you see this maybe, girls in particular, will think twice before putting on that short white skirt and that shirt they’re always wearing.

Even though this raises some concerns I still can’t seem to drop the fact that it’s kinda cool. Who would have known. Old news perhaps, but quite unique and cool. If it is true that is…