How To: Turn Your TV Into A Huge iPad

We’ve had our share of DIY tutorials here on Bit Rebels but this one has to be the fastest, simplest and most awesome one so far. It may just turn that bachelor pad of yours into the coolest geek hangout of all time. And, by the time you’re done with this little “mod,” you’ll find that whatever use you had for that old and rugged flat screen on the wall is gone and it now has another lifetime purpose. Isn’t that just to cool to be true? It’s true, yet it isn’t.

The clever minds of DarkDesignGroup have come up with a super geeky way of making your TV into a humongous iPad with everything that comes with it, almost. Their idea is simple and makes for a perfect ice breaker when you invite people to your pad for a little geek interaction. So what is it already you might ask?

It’s a panel that you just add on the front of your TV and voila, there is your huge iPad. It has the user interface we are accustomed to and all. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the world’s biggest iPad from a distance. Use that remote (and who has a remote for their iPad by the way…pure awesomeness) to control it and make your day a big geek amusement park. It doesn’t get more simple than that.