How to view blocked numbers on your mobile!

Are you one of those that gets these sales calls a hundred times a day and it’s beginning to annoy you out of your wits. When I lived in L.A a while back these calls came in daily and of course through my land lines as well. There are a few services that blocks these calls but as far as I know they charge you for thair services. So, I wanted to check out how one could achieve this for free. It turns out that there is such a way and even though it’s from back in January of 2009 it still is a sure and awesome service for everyone to use. All for free!

So how can we achieve this awesome thing without doing it illegally? Well, there is really just a simple sign up, all for a free, at and you’ll be all set. Not much more to it really.

After you have set up your service correctly all you have to do is press “Decline Call” and you’ll be presented with the callers ID. This clever and much appreciated workaround is brought to you by HouseholdHacker and is one of the best tips and tricks I’ve seen during 2009. There is really not much else to say. Just get your account set up and enjoy!