iBoysoft Makes Unbootable Mac Data Recovery Easier Than You Expect

Data loss scenarios are countless. One of the worst scenarios is a crashed Mac because it doesn’t only mean your Mac files are unavailable, but also, the Mac computer itself fails to boot for your use.

Stop scratching your head and staring at the white screen, login screen or loading bar, get your hands on securing your essential files, and fixing the issue. You may be wondering how you can salvage the files from a Mac that is not even booting up? There are three ways to do it – Target Disk Mode, bootable disk, and iBoysoft program.

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The Complicated Ways To Restore Mac Files

The most complicated way is to transfer the files to another Mac through Target Disk Mode. Target Disk Mode allows you to migrate the files from one Mac to another. You will need another bootable and compatible Mac as well as two Thunderbolt/FireWire and a cable to connect the two Macs.

Using the cable to connect the two Macs makes the bootable Mac detect the unbootable Mac’s hard drive as an external drive. Then you can move important files to the bootable Mac. Even though you have prepared all the needed hardware, it is still possible that the file migration would fail if Mac’s hard drive in the unbootable Mac is severely corrupted.

Another less complicated way is to create a bootable disk. This method will also need another health Mac as well as an empty external disk. You install a Mac OS and the data recovery software in the external drive. Then you connect the USB bootable disk to the unbootable Mac and select it as the startup disk during rebooting.

iBoysoft Makes The Unbootable Mac File Recovery Easy

You may realize either solution above will need you to have a second Mac and other hardware tools. Don’t worry, even though you can’t prepare those hardware, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac program can still have a way to secure the Mac files for you. In recovering Mac files from a non-booting Mac, it has advantages over other applications.

Compelling Convenience

The software allows you to boot it up directly in Recovery Mode. All you need to do is to boot the crashed Mac into Recovery Mode, connect to Wi-Fi, and run a command line. The command line will launch the software directly through iBoysoft’s server over the Internet without creating a bootable disk or any hardware connections. Then you can recover data using the software.

Amazing Usability

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac has a simple user interface to help you navigate the needed features and see the important information clearly on its window. It has icons and phrases to explain what they are. It is easy for inexperienced users to intuitively know what they can do with a drive list and a big blue button Scan.

Encrypted APFS-Formatted Volume Supported

Over 80% of Mac computers are running macOS 10.13/10.14/10.15, and startup volume in their hard drive is formatted with APFS file system. Therefore, for an unbootable Mac data recovery program, supporting APFS-formatted volume is very basic.

But many users will partition the hard drive to have a few encrypted APFS volumes to better organize and protect the files. Therefore, to restore data from those volumes, iBoysoft software is one of the best options.

Large Range Of Mac OS Supported

The software can work on an iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro, which runs OS X 10.7 and later. This covers over 99% of Mac models, and you don’t need to worry that the software is incompatible with your Mac or Mac OS.

Thorough Scan For Lost Files

The fixes to the unbootable Mac issue always include the reinstallation of Mac OS, which will format the Mac’s HD and delete all files. The tool will dig deep for all files on the hard drive for recovery. Pictures, videos, music, documents, emails, and any other files can be found successfully.

Free Technical Support

iBoysoft provides 24X7 technical support to its users. It is totally free of charge via email. If you have any problem when using the software, the support team is at your service. That makes the data rescuing risk-free and results guaranteed.


When a Mac is failing, don’t keep turning it off and on because it may make the startup volume more corrupted. Use the professional data recovery software to save the files first and fix the issue on your own or turn to Apple Store. Know how to fix the problem, refer to this source.

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