iHand – Your iPhone 4 Connection Problem Now Solved!

It’s hard to believe that anyone hasn’t heard about Apple’s big blunder when it comes to their new flagship gadget, the iPhone 4. The calls get dropped and your connectivity is everything but good. If there was a line of people that have been complaining about it, that line would reach a couple of laps around the world by now. So far there is no sure way of fixing it, other than holding it in an awkward way. Until now that is!

Apple has now introduced their new and ultimately cool solution to the problem, and that solution is fittingly called iHand. It will enable you to hold the iPhone 4 in the right way to enhance the connectivity of the phone. No more contortionist maneuvers in order to receive that important call from your mom.

I would expect this gadget to be free for all buyers of the iPhone 4, but knowing Apple they will probably ask like $79.95 for it or something. Well, at least it solves the problem in an efficient way. And after all, it’s not that hard to carry around. All you need is to take a backpack with you wherever you go. Oh, and it comes in several different skin colors so you just go ahead and pick yours and be merry on your way, making funny calls to Apple founder Steve Jobs to congratulate him on the awesome development of the iPhone 4.