Impressive Rolls-Royce LEGO Jet Engine Time Lapse Build

What is the most intricate build you have ever pulled off? How many blocks did it take you to complete it? These are questions you might be asked if you’re a hardcore LEGO builder who goes to every LEGO convention there is. But everyone knows it’s not the number of blocks that counts, it is the execution of your build that does. What matters is the end result and the way you used your blocks to recreate reality, or at least that is my own humble opinion. We have seen so many intricate builds lately that I could literally make a compilation article that would span several hundreds of articles written. The question is, which one is actually the most epic and the most mind blowing?

I would say it is this Rolls-Royce LEGO Jet Engine. Yup, that’s right! A group of people from Rolls-Royce actually built a real jet engine out of only LEGO. They even captured it all in a time lapse video. It’s an epic build that I don’t think many people would be able to put together. The video will take you from the very beginning to the end which displays the cut-through engine in all its glory.

The number of LEGO blocks turned out to be 152,455, and the entire thing ended up weighing 675 pounds. I think we can safely say that these numbers are even enough to make even the Bugatti Veyron LEGO Build look simple and boring. I guess the only thing that would make this even more impressive would be if they actually made a working LEGO Rolls-Royce jet engine and turned it on. I doubt they would be able to get any kind of thrust from it before it shattered though. But, the build in itself proves that LEGO is the most universal building block ever made.



Via: [Technabob]