Intel Introduces Twitter in 3D! | Infoscape

Companies have long worked on different ways to browse the ever expanding Internet. And this time it’s Intel entering the game and delivers a quite unique way to browse not only Twitter but any kind of site or it’s content. It can be set to only track RSS feeds, Twitter feeds or even hundreds of sites all at once. You will have this great 3D cube overview that you can modify and tweak however you want to fit your own preferences. The application brought to us by Intel is called “Infoscape”.

Even though this application seems to be quite boring and useless Intel wanted to create this feature to showcase the awesome power of their new i7 processor and it sure does its job quite well. The huge screen showcasing this feature really gives you a perspective of its capacity and let me tell you. It seems to have a humongous amount of features and ways to track and grab content from the Internet.

It sure helps though that the screen they are demoing their new application on is a touchscreen but given that we will see a slew of new touch screen tablets and what not on the market this year this could potentially become a hit app if you ask me. I sure would like to try it out on my Twitter feed to see if I can more efficiently follow my 32k+ followers and what they do. It sure is intriguing and I can’t wait to check it out. However, without a touch display on my desktop it kind of feels unnecessary to get the app. After all, I don’t have the i7 processor either but maybe it works on other processors as well, it should right?