Tired Of Your Ordinary Rubik’s Cube? – Customize it!

Sometimes I think that we all have a Rubik’s Cube at home. They’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I know it almost sounds hysterical and weird but it’s the doggone truth. They are on the bus, on the plane and even in the store. Everyone seems to think they will get smarter if they play with the cube for a couple of hours. Maybe you will, I don’t have any scientific proof of that so I don’t know. If you ask me, I think it’s getting quite mundane with its colors and… well that’s about it and that’s why it is getting so boring.

That’s why I think you should customize it, and now you can! They people over at KlearGear know how to put some color into your days, and it has all to do with the cube. Now you can take your favorite photos, for example, and plaster them all over the sides of that mind twisting toy that you love so much.

If you think it’s a long and painstaking process to do it, you’re wrong. You just upload you 6 favorite photos, and they will automatically get divided into squares pasted on each side. You never again have to fall into a trance just because you’re constantly looking at those colors that bluntly stare back without response. And, you can do all this for the nice price of just under $25. It’s kind of a cheap way to get a photo album in the form of a cube for a brain toy to play with during lunch at work. Now the real question is if you have 6 favorite photos or if everyone around you will go nuts cause they don’t think they are good enough for your cube madness.