Interactive Sneakers!

In the old days, sneakers were just plainly used for walking, playing sports, or simply looking great! But thanks to technology, owning a pair of rubber shoes can bring a new dimension to your digital experience.

Adidas offers you a full game pack with different AR markers to collect. All you need to do is buy a pair of Adidas shoes. The markers are actually on the shoes themselves and then you go to the site to activate your marker.

Next, you can play the interactive game that you activated with the marker and win a prize. You get a trophy and facial mask recognition which allows you to take a photo of you wearing the mask virtually then share it with your friends and family.

Augmented reality is simply augmenting visual graphics with the real world. With this special marker, you can interact with the graphic element. For Adidas, they have at least five different markers produced for different experiences. You just need to purchase a pair of shoes to start collecting them!

I included the cool video created for the promotion! Enjoy!