iPad 3: Every Leaked Part Assembled [Video]

We are all eagerly awaiting the day when Apple shares what they have been working on. The whole industry is, and even though it might not be something that will revolutionize the world like when they announced the iPhone for the first time, it is still no doubt going to become a very successful product. Almost everything Apple ships is of great value to people around the world, and without that, they wouldn’t have that big “fan base” of customers who are willing to make it a standard. Whether that’s fair or unfair doesn’t really matter, Apple has built its reputation with solid and trustworthy products for a long time.

This year we are all awaiting the new iPad 3 and what it might feature. Some sure bets are that Siri is now going to be one of the features, along with more memory, faster processor and better parts in general. Many people have speculated about the iPad becoming smaller, bigger, thinner and of course with with all kinds of specs. There has even been talk about it changing form a little to renew their concept.

In a fresh video uploaded to YouTube by M.I.C Gadget, all the “leaked” parts have been gathered and assembled to form what could possibly be be the next incarnation of the iPad 3. And by the looks of it, that is probably what it could be. There are no direct updates more than some subtle changes to the exterior of the iPad. It makes me wonder if Apple has just “leaked” some parts in order to keep the scavengers from becoming too much of a burden. Either way, we will see what Apple has been working on in just a couple of days. More than likely, Apple will announce a minor upgraded iPad 3, just like they have been doing for the last 3 years. It’s better to stay modestly excited rather than get disappointed should it not be what the hype has made it all out to be.


Via: [M.I.C Gadget]