iPhone | Commodore 64 App – Blast from the 80′s

Just stumbled across one of the coolest apps to ever hit the iPhone. No I really mean it. I used to be a Commodore 64 madman. I had to get every single game for the computer and I played it until a new, better, improved and better looking game hit the stores. I delved into the machine language of the computer and found that it had some really cool potential. However, I can’t say I was at the top of my game when it came to actually programming the, back then, beast. All that came later.

When I came across this app today something really weird happened. I was instantaneously brought back to the 80’s. I was a small boy and just felt the rush of energy watching those first steps of computer madness on the screen. As I saw this clip I KNEW I had to get this app. Imagine being able to punch in those:

10 Print “Hello”;
20 Print “This is a really cool way of working the Commodore 64!”;
30 Goto 10;

That was about the geekiest thing you could show off to the girls during the 80’s and everyone thought you were a geniues for being able to work a computer just like it. Oh, the days!

Now, sorry! I have to put on my striped sun glasses. Slide into my neon overall and get to work. Time for some Commodore 64 happiness!