Fully Immersive iPhone Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display

I remember back in the ’90s when everyone said virtual reality was going to replace the computer screen by the year 2000. As we all know, that didn’t exactly happen. Since then, virtual reality hasn’t really caught on. Instead, the 3D immersion we were looking for came with a pair of 3D glasses at the movies. Not even in our homes have we embraced virtual reality or the 3D format just yet. Is it ever going to catch on? It seems people just can’t see themselves putting on a bulky helmet in order to get into their gaming or work. With the new format presented in the smartphone though, we are suddenly faced with a whole set of new features. These are features that might once again make virtual reality a possibility in our every day lives. How would you like an iPhone virtual reality head-mounted display?

A new invention called the vFrame will enable you to use your iPhone to immerse yourself in a virtual reality world. This new concept of utilizing the smartphone for virtual reality is quite intriguing. The iPhone virtual reality format is a rather simple endeavor. The precise stereoscopic lenses make the experience impressively immersive. Having the iPhone send its location based data to the game instead of the opposite way around makes the system lightning fast and easy to use, even for developers.

The vFrame is developed by Michael Donahue and is based on his over 20-years of experience within the virtual reality industry. This iPhone virtual reality head-mounted display is as sharp as you can imagine and even uses military grade lenses to get the job done. Michael and his team are looking for funding in order to start manufacturing these displays. They are looking to raise $500,000 over at IndieGoGo in 54 days. If this is successful, and if you have pledged $250.00, you will receive a vFrame with a Bluetooth controller from the first batch of the manufactured iPhone virtual reality packages. I am intrigued by this invention. Will it work this time around? Is virtual reality a format that could appeal to the majority of the world’s population? This iPhone virtual reality head-mounted display will tell us what is to come.

vFrame – iPhone Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display