iPhone | Will It Blend?

A lot of tests have been tried on the iPhone in focus. Everything from dropped from a few feet, submerged in water, run over by a truck etc. But The big question, if not the biggest question of it all is, will it blend? In this torture of a clip we will witness a “scientist” do the ultimate test on the iPhone that will just leave you with a black kind of smoke. My thoughts are that this is from the screen and is pretty much lethal to breathe in.

I must say however that I was super impressed how “long” the iPhone lasted before it met its definite demise and became but a bit of dust and smoke. There is one part of the test that they don’t show however. The one where you bring the remaining particles to Apple support to vaive your warrenty if possible. I would really like to see their faces when you bring them a bag of dust and small particles.

If anyone have done this please write to us and tell us the outcome together with some proof that you’ve done it. We will make sure your story gets out and you get the overdue credit for it. Enjoy!