Jetovator: Ride High With The Power Of Water

People start planning their summers in January it seems. I sometimes feel like I am the only one who doesn’t have everything planned even when vacation time comes. There are usually several ideas flying around, but I usually let them marinate for a while so I know just what it will take to make it be the best summer it can possibly be. Finding activities that fit the summer agenda shouldn’t be too hard, right? Well, it is, because there are usually too many to choose from. I always call them “funtivities” (everything is about optimization), and even though there are millions of things for children to do, for adults, it can be just a little bit harder to find something.

Funtivities for grown-ups are usually expensive too if you want to fill your time with the latest and greatest activities. One such thing that has just been announced is the quite awesome Jetovator. A what? It is a sort of Jet engined, water powered jet ski that is developed to not only push you forward on the water, but also take you sky high with the help of the water around you. It has to be the coolest gadget this summer, for sure!

It’s developed by a company with the same name, Jetovator, and it will take you up to 30 feet up in the air and push you forward with a speed of 25 miles per hour. It’s a pretty rad toy if you feel water skiing has become lame and boring. The price for one of these badboys is $8,975, but it will probably make you the coolest kid on the beach (or in the water). The question now is, do you have the wallet and the guts to step out into the cool and become the horse-riding water superhero this gadget ensures you’ll become?


Via: [Pleated-Jeans]