Jumboard: Turns Your Baby Into An Internet Guru

Isn’t it wonderful how the Internet just keeps spreading knowledge to everyone? The sheer amount of information you can find on the billions of useful websites around the Internet is just unprecedented. This has become a catapult for the digitization of youngsters around the world, and small children are introduced to the technology which they will most likely be using when they are adults. Not only is it evident that computers will be pretty much the only tool that we humans will work on, but we’re rapidly starting to venture into technologies that will allow us to jump over the manufacturing process and go straight through to a finished product. We’re not there quite there yet, but that doesn’t stop inventors from developing technologies for 1-4 year olds in order to introduce them to our world early.

Jumboard, from designers Danny Van Buren, Rachel Van Burne and Boaz Shnapp, is one of the geekiest toddler inventions to date. It’s basically a tool for your baby to experience the Internet and the awesome interactivity a computer can offer. The keyboard is a simple yet powerful tool which enables the child to browse and navigate software, images, and of course the Internet by just pressing a few colorful buttons.

The focus is to let youngsters experience the magic of manipulating animations, pictures and movies on the screen, which in turn teaches toddlers how the Internet and computers basically work. So if you’re a parent-to-be or if you have a young toddler crawling around looking bored, then you should definitely have a look at this awesome technology. See, soon I will probably be replaced by a 5 year old. Yikes!

Jumboard Internet Toddler Keyboard Design