Learning How Antiviruses Work With RAV Antivirus

The internet is one of the many wonders of the digital age. However, there is no doubt that it is not the safest place in the world and should be used cautiously. Antiviruses are among the most common tools people rely on to stay protected online. We all assume they will do the job, but how many of us know what they actually do?

We won’t keep you in the dark for a minute longer. This article will unravel the mystery of antiviruses and how they keep us safe, using RAV Antivirus as an example. Continue reading to learn more.

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What Is RAV Antivirus?

The first step on our journey towards clarity on what antiviruses do is learning about the tool we’ll use as an example. RAV Antivirus solution is software designed to provide enterprise-grade protection to its users. The solution uses a comprehensive database of information and machine learning mechanisms to recognize, identify, and eliminate cyber threats.

RAV was created by one of the cybersecurity industry leaders — ReasonLabs. Andrew Newman, a former Microsoft lead security manager, founded it in 2012. Today, the firm boasts a board of experts in cybersecurity, machine learning technology, and artificial intelligence.

How Does RAV Antivirus Work?

Now that you’re familiar with the protagonist of this story, let’s see how it operates. The following paragraphs will help you understand this technology and answer this question — RAV Antivirus: how to use it?

RAV provides several levels of protection. Its primary responsibility is to prevent threats from reaching your sensitive information. To do so, it has to keep watch of all the devices you’re using and track the traffic that’s going through them on a regular basis. Several of RAV’s features are in charge of accomplishing this task. We’ll focus on the most important ones here.

RAV’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) is one of them. It’s so important that it comes with all plans ReasonLabs offers. Its responsibility is to provide each device or endpoint in your network with a defense against cyber threats. The technology scans the traffic that goes through all your devices and detects suspicious content. In that way, EDR allows other system features to take further action.

Besides EDR, RAV has another trick that helps eliminate threats from endangering your data. The technology we’re referring to is called the Safer Web app. This app works on the DNS level — so it’s your first line of defense. Its built-in blocker tracks and blocks all suspicious traffic from entering your computer, tablet, or phone. It protects you from phishing attacks and malware and blocks unwanted ads and PG content.

Besides these features, antiviruses like RAV also have tools that scan the content you download to your computer. Downloading files and software is one of the easiest ways for hackers to access your computer and its data. This is how ransomware attacks — some of the most common cyber threats recently — occur. So, having an antivirus that can scan all the files before allowing you to download them can be incredibly useful.

RAV Antivirus boasts tools specialized in preventing attacks like ransomware. They detect and thwart the attack by using mechanisms that create fake files to attract malicious activity.

How RAV Antivirus Detects Cyberthreats?

We mentioned that RAV recognizes cyber threats but not how it does so. To accomplish this goal, RAV Antivirus depends on two key elements — Threat Intelligence Center (TIC) and machine learning (ML) technology.

TIC refers to a team of professionals who search for and gather information about the latest cyber threats. This knowledge base then informs the creation of the most effective tools the antivirus uses to fight cybercrime and keep its users safe.

ML is a technology powered by artificial intelligence. It’s engineered to screen files and detect, identify, and eliminate threats. It also records patterns seen in those threats to provide better security in the future.


There you have it! We’ve covered all the basics of how antiviruses like RAV work. If you’re impressed by this particular antivirus, head to RAV Antivirus on alltechbuzz and read more about it. That should be enough to decide whether RAV is the solution you need.

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