LED Bling

LED scrolling screen as a fashion accessory? Found two cool products that has incorporated led scrolling lights as part of the design. The first item is an LED belt bling over at my Hip Hop Bling It’s small and compact and will look hot on any belt. It has mad crazy bling around the LED screen and you can customized the message on the belt buckle screen with your own message. You can program the scrolling text with up to 6 messages of your choice and each message can have up to 256 character. Theses iced out mini LED belt buckles are on fire right now!
computergear_2056_5023025Found a cool T shirt design on Computer GearWear your message in red lights with this techie scrolling LED light programmable black computer T-shirt. Use the buttons on the back to quickly and easily enter 6 different messages — the first up to 512 characters; messages 2-6 up to 256 characters each. Slim 3″ x 1 1/2″ x 5/8″ LED design won’t get in the way of your movements and message stays put. Features on/off switch, and speed and brightness control. Replaceable 3V battery included. Remove LED light before machine washing Scrolling LED Message T-shirt.