Love Videos? Tools to Keep up!

Watching videos is one of the most favorite activities that people enjoy online.  It is a great source of information (tutorials, demos) and a great source of entertainment (music videos, funny videos).  Some people I know would even watch TV shows via YouTube if they could.

According to comscore, more than 170M U.S. Internet users watched online videos during November and over 31 billion videos were viewed during the month. Google sites continued to rank as the top U.S. video property in Nov as it delivered 12.2 billion videos viewed with accounting for 99% of all videos viewed at the property. Hulu ranked second with 924M videos viewed followed by Viacom Digital with 500M.-  (courtesy of socialnetworking watch) .  If you do love watching videos, or creating them, here are some tools that may help you track and enhance your experience:

1.  Magma –  This tool will help you track and find videos from all over the interwebs.  It is a simple video aggregator.

2.  Rippol –  Rippol is a personalized, social video discovery engine based on The Butterfly Effect network – a system of algorithms invented by Team Rippol to help you find videos you like.

3.  vReveal – Even though vReveal is video enhancement software (not video editing software), comparisons to video editors like Adobe Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas, and Apple iMovie are understandable. These applications allow you to do things like adjust sharpness and contrast, but only vReveal offers the super-resolution technology that increases resolution, significantly reduces noise, and provides sophisticated stabilization.

4.  glomera –  Offers a fresh, user friendly media platform. Glomera wants to simplify and improve the communication process by enabling users to create and effectively manage interactive web TV.

5. Pixorial is a groundbreaking online video service where home movies and people interconnect. Customers can collaborate with others by adding and sharing full resolution home movies in the secure Pixorial service. Customers can edit and remix this online content to create unique, customized video products. The final products retain the full quality and resolution of the master movies regardless of origin.

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