MetaTrend Smartbook | iPad is Obsolete On So Many Levels!

It ain’t often I get really hyped about a concept design and wish it would come true in the instant I see it. But this time I can’t wait for this “thing” to get out on the market. It was a huge deal when Apple released the iPhone. So as well when they announced the iPad which despite it’s huge hype received a bit of mixed reviews. iPad is a truly exceptional imaginarium of gadgets and is probably going to rule the world for some time to come.

But, I read somewhere that this year alone there will be over 100 different iPad spawns that will try to rival the exceptional screen real estate of Apples next cash cow. This will be the year of the “pad” for sure but there is one little gadget that could potentially steal the show if things are developed in the right way.

The designers at MetaTrend Institute have developed a concept design smartbook that has everything. And I really mean everything. The unique angle of their smartbook is really one of the heavy innovative gadgets to see the conceptual light in 2010. How about a tablet computer with a detachable QWERTY keyboard that folds into a touchscreen smartphone. Did you have trouble following me on that one? Well, it really is everything. Even the large touchscreen itself has a retractable stand in the back which enables the tablet to function just like your monitor.

It’s really a monumental all-in-one solution that I think will become a standard within soon. To have this many functions and alternatives really is a blessing when working with large projects and also design related stuff. I would go ahead and call it “The King of Guff”…