Mobile Photography: Is Traditional Photography Dead? [Infographic]

I hardly have to remind anyone that mobile photography is booming right now. People share their photographs like never before, and we all love it. People take photos of everything from quirky finds to epic fails. Some people like to post photos of themselves, while others want to share the world around them. It doesn’t really matter what it is, we point our lenses at, and we want to share it. And that’s why we have so many successful photo sharing social networking services today. But where did it all start? Do we even know? According to some people, the first photograph ever taken was back in 1826 and was called “View From The Window At Le Gras.” It required an exposure time of 8 hours. Today we can take instant photos on our mobiles that are infinitely better than what anyone could ever imagine back in 1826.

Mobile photography has become so popular that the second thing we check when looking for a new smartphone is how good the camera is and what apps are available for it. The Internet it getting more jam-packed with pictures, and there is no speculation about where it might end. But what about analog photography, is that completely dead? Not quite, but there has been a definite decline since mobile photography became mainstream back around 2002-2003.

At least that is what the statistics say according to a new and ultimately inspiring infographic presented by Overgram (design by NowSourcing) called, “Is Photography Dead? – The Mobile Photo Explosion.” As much as I am confused about the title of the infographic itself, I am intrigued if it might have to do with analog photography, or maybe it’s just a title to draw you in. The infographic is beautifully pimped out with really interesting facts and history about photography and where it all began.

What’s worth pointing out is that the first electronic camera was actually presented back in 1972. Texas Instruments patented it, and I am seriously intrigued by its look. For all you retro travelers out there, do you spot something ultimate geeky about it? Yup, that’s right, it has a cassette tape as recording media, which is both curious and mind blowing. For most of us, cassettes have always had the purpose of holding music, analog music that is. However for the first “digital” (electronic) camera, it was a vital part of the photography process.

You can just imagine where mobile photography is heading in the future. I mean, with all the online apps, networking sites and tools, the sky is really the limit. Mobile photography is becoming more and more mobile, and the quality of the pictures we take with something that fits inside the palms of our hands is getting ever more refined. The question is, what could possibly beat the digital media when it comes to photography and yet again revolutionize mobile photography and the industry itself? It’s amazing that people still find it mesmerizing to look at pictures even almost 200 years after the first photograph was taken. The world is an ever inspiring place, and mobile photography is definitely one of the reasons the world is getting smaller and smaller.

Overgram’s Mobile Photography Infographic

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